The Men Perspective on Natural hair.

Hello? This piece is inspired by case study of three ( 3) males, I was eager to know how they treat and maintain their hair.

Traditionally, men opt for shaving their hair other than actually maintaining it, to them it was quite a difficult task to maintain their natural head plus they never saw value in it.

In this modern era and the evolution of technology men have embraced products like cantu for maintaining their natural hair and it has become easy for them to grow the afro look which is so stylish.

Going back to my case study, I noticed that they have really embraced the new natural hair products in the market like cantu, castor and olive oils, to them maintaining their hair is not a hustle at all plus they say it is quite cheap.

My take: Its applaudable how men have evolved so much that they can purchase legit products to maintain their hair.

My advise: in order for men to embrace this natural hair movement there is need to use legit natural hair products like cantu for proper results and also grow the movement.

My Holy grail hair products.

Hello? This piece focuses on which products I use on my hair.

I have been a naturalista for about 7 years now and this hair products have helped me in my quest to achieve my inspired hair goals; this are:

a) Ecostyler coconut gel: I have always had a thing with products which have a bit of coconut in them, I think its because of my coastal background but all the same this coconut gel is really a dynamite.

The gel can hold my hair very well and it also adds a little bit of shine. A small amount of the gel can goes a long way.

The gel can be used when the hair is wet or dry but I like to use it when its wet. The gel does not flake, I believe it will only flake if you continuously use it day in and out without washing the gel off the hair.

The gel is internationally available, you can purchase it on your nearest cosmetic shop.

b) Katarina Shea butter: This is a Kenyan brand ( proudly associated with), what I liked most with this butter is its consistency which is so soft and smooth.

Katarina Shea butter is styling effective. It enabled me especially when styling different hair dos.

It also keeps my hair with shine and gives a certain glow.

Katarina Shea butter is readily available in the market. ( if you are interested kindly email me).

The Braid Effect

Hello lovelies. It has been a minute but I know y’all are fine.

I need to address the elephant in the room on the effect of braids. Braids has been one of the most popular styles especially for the afro community. It can be traced 5000 years ago and it was started in our motherland, Africa with the himba people of Namibia.

Braids and its styling technics has gone through massive transition over the years with it gained increased popularity among communities around the globe.

Braids especially in the United States of America signifies the struggles the people of the African descent went through in their quest for freedom and also slavery. Celebrities like Beyonce and lupita nyongo have represented the style so well on the red carpet.

As much as braids has numerous advantages, I will deal with the other side of the coin( negative side).

Lovelies, as you well know I suffer from traction alopecia a condition which I well discussed on my previous post. One of the contributing factors of the same is braids the tension that it puts on my scalp is way too much that causes my edges and hairline to break.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love braids and I also love styling the same but I have noticed it is contributing to my rescinding hairline so one of the best remedy am currently working on is braiding biannually, so that to avoid much tension on my hairline.

Secondly, i have noticed the choice of hairstylists matter so it is best for you to get a hairstylist who is concerned on the growth of your hair. Personally,I have been a hairstyle hopper( if this is a word) in my quest to find the perfect stylist to nurture and grow my hair this journey is yet to be over.

My advice to ladies who are going through the same experience is best to find the perfect hairstylist who understand your hair and nurtures it with a lot of love and care.

PS: leave a comment on how braids affect your hair.

Traction alopecia

Hello lovelies? Today I will be talking about traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by hair being pulled in the same way for a long time. Repeated strain on the hair follicles can pull out strands of hair and even damage the follicles. This causes redness itching and even pus- producing ulcers or infections.

Causes of traction alopecia: a) a receding hairline typically around the forehead, temples or nape. b) small pimples appear on the scalp or the base of the braids. c ) redness, itching and ulcers on the scalp. d) patches of thin or broken hair in places where the hair has been under strain. e) patches of shiny, scarred skin in more advanced cases.

Causes of traction alopecia: a) certain hairstyles including dreadlocks,conrows and tiny ponytails. b) hair extensions and weaves i.e extensions are glued or tightly tied to the base of the hair which may cause tension at the hair roots. c) headwear may cause the hair to thin, esp where the head wear contacts with the hair. d) hair accessories including hair slides or grips that are worn the same way everyday. e) very long hair can be heavy pulling on the hair follicles. f) hair relaxers and other chemical treatments, these change the structure of the hair shaft in a way that makes hair loss more likely. g) using extensions and relaxers together,this is the most significant risk factor for traction alopecia.

Treatment: a) avoid tight hairstyles if possible. b) avoid or limit chemicals including relaxers. c) change hairstyles every few weeks. d) try hairgrowth products.

Prevention: a) loosen or change any hairstyle that is painful. b) change hairstyles every few weeks. c) wear thick, loose braids instead of small tight braids. d) choose fabric hairties instead of elastics. e) keep the hair loose as often as possible.

My natural hair journey 101.

Hey lovelies, it has been a while since I last posted anyway I am now a month old since I went natural, it has been both a blessing and a curse but I want to focus on the blessing part. Natural hair is the epitome of beauty and its advantages are just endless as I discussed in my earlier post. I have made a lot of discoveries and realised that my hair is 3C and I am alopetic( will explain in detail in my next post). I love styling my hair using twist rods,i have realised my hair works best when twisted not curled. I am also noticing that depending on the product that you are using it may strengthen or weaken your hair, its best to research first before buying any product that is available in the market. Let’s share our experiences here below.

PS: I am currently using Shea butter from katarina( a Kenyan brand), coconut oil and castor oil. Follow me on facebook: Grace Njoroge, instagram: Miss Ruguru.


Hey lovelies, welcome to my blog, today I am going to talk about the beauty of natural hair. Natural hair carries a number of expressions i.e its spontaneous, beautiful, creative,rebellious, revolutionary, inspiring and magical. Afro-textured hair carries electricity defies gravity and reaches for the sun like every other natural living organism, it has an internal value as well as external. African women are the walking reflections of the universe and our hair is certainly our crown. However, we should not view our natural hair as a genetic defect but a sense of glory.

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